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Reseller Program

Impressive Plans, Huge Savings, and Exclusive Offers, Join Now!

GB Network Reseller Program offers premium service and substantial reductions to resellers. As you progress through the reseller tiers, you will be entitled to more savings and privileges!
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Why Join GB Network Reseller Program?

Reseller Training

Reseller Training is a top priority at GB Network. We make certain that all of our resellers are well-versed in product knowledge, both in sales and support. Reseller Certificates will be awarded to qualified resellers.

Profitable Reseller Tiers

In case of downtime all incoming emails are temporary stored here and delivered once your server is operational again so you don’t need to worry about lost email and missed business.

Recurring Income

You will receive a reseller discount not just for the first year, but also for renewals. Your overall sales revenue at the end of the year will qualify you for extra rebates.

Lowest Budget

Our hosting plans start with a nice profit margin thanks to our incomparable price.

Modern Technology

We make certain that your services are hosted using newest technology and hardware.

Fully Anonymous

You can white label our services so that your customers are unaware that you are using them. This gives you the freedom to set your own pricing for your products.

Optimal Network

To ensure maximum speed, performance, and network uptime, we use numerous high-speed backbone connections.

Sales & Marketing Support

All of our resellers are assigned a dedicated Support Team and are eligible for special promotional offers throughout the year.

24/7 Technical Support

Our technical support staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via our ticketing system, Telegram, or phone support.

Our Products & Services

Earn money online with a variety of great products and services.

Domain Name

Making a good first impression starts from Domain Name.

Web Hosting

Hosting that’s optimal fast and packed with interesting features.

Email Hosting

Earn customer trust with customized professional email.

VPS Hosting

Whether it’s Dedicated or Virtual Private, we have your server choices secured.

Microsoft Products

Build market advantage with modern business solutions.

Product Solutions

We offer multiple security options to enhance the website protection from malware, hacking and more.

Interested to join?

Contact our support team to guide you steps-by-steps.

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For assistance, please contact our sales department at [email protected]