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Protect websites with daily security scans

Automatically protect your website, reputation, and visitors against cyberthreats.
  • Daily malware scan and automatic removal
  • Vulnerability patch for detected website weaknesses
  • Increase visitor’s confidence with SiteLock Trust Seal
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Powerful website security & protection designed for you

SiteLock monitors a website on a daily basis for vulnerabilities and safeguards against threats such as malware, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and even email blacklisting. SiteLock analyses your websites and notifies you if any vulnerabilities are discovered or if your website is blacklisted by Google, allowing you to avoid severe economic losses.

GB Network Solutions is a SiteLock partner, and we exclusively provide three SiteLock packages to our web hosting customers.

Daily Scanning

SiteLock automatically scans your website for vulnerabilities and malware to ensure they are not being blocked or spammed.

Business Verified

Validates that your business exists and can be trusted,

Website Secured

With SiteLock installed in your website, you get instant alert when there are attacks from malicious users or hackers.

SiteLock Plans

Comprehensive website security software protects your website from malicious cyber threats, this includes the protection of your site code and web applications.


Ideal for budget-friendly website looking for basic scanning backup.

Min 12-months commitment

Get 2 Months free when paying annually

Try it risk-free for 30 days!
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Best suited for high-traffic websites that require an extra security layer.

Min 12-months commitment

Get 2 Months free when paying annually

Try it risk-free for 30 days!
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Ideal for all sizes of any corporate business and e-commerce websites.

Min 12-months commitment

Get 2 Months free when paying annually

Try it risk-free for 30 days!
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How does it works?

Depending on your website security package, you will receive daily website scans, automated malware removal, and vulnerability/CMS patching, as well as web application firewall to block harmful traffic before it ever reaches your site.

Website Scanning

SiteLock website security scan instantly checks your website from malware, viruses and other cyber threats and alert you found issues.

Malware Removal

Detect and automatically remove malicious content from your website, creating safe experiences for your customers.

Vulnerability Patching

Easily check for website vulnerabilities in your CMS with our vulnerability scanner before they are exploited.

Website Backup

Securely backup your website to protect against ransomware, hardware corruption and human errors our reliable backup solution.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Powerful WAF security protect against advanced cyberthreats - including the top ten threats that could damage your website.

Content Delivery Network

SiteLock technology enables high volumes of website traffic with zero lag time, ensuring the best possible customer experience with no latency.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is SiteLock?

SiteLock protects your website from various security problems, and shows your visitors that your site is safe.
Once installed, SiteLock Basic performs numerous scans of your website, finding security breaches including malware, email vulnerabilities, and other problems. When the various scans are complete and your business is verified, you can display the “SiteLock Secure” badge on your site, letting your visitors know that your site is officially safe and problem free.

Is my website data safe?

Absolutely. SiteLock does not modify any of your website data or applications. We simply scan your site, much like your PC anti-virus scanning software. We identify potential problems and notify you of them. If you need help fixing any issues, our expert services team is available to provide technical support.

How can I order SiteLock?

GB Network Solutions® is a SiteLock partner offering three SiteLock products that are available to its web hosting customers only. Get Started Today!

What must I do if Sitelock found vulnerabilities on my website?

Most of the time, the vulnerabilities were due to outdated versions of open source web applications installed on your website such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

What you need to do is generate and download a full backup of your website, and perform an upgrade of your web application to the latest version. If you are using a custom developed web application, then you shall contact your website developer immediately.

What will happen if I ignore the vulnerabilities of SiteLock?

Your website might potentially get hacked and cause disruption to your website. Your website might also be used as medium for sending out SPAM or hacking another vulnerable website.

Isn’t it Website Security my web host’s responsibility?

GB Network Solutions will ensure the server and network which your website is hosted on are secure. However, the security of your website or web application layer needs the cooperation from you as a website owner as well as your Webmaster or Web Developer.
Simple Rules of Thumb:

Password. Make sure you use strong passwords that have a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters. Use different passwords for different logins; change your password once at least every 3 months.
Open Source Web Applications. Make sure your web applications are always up to date. If you are using the pre-installed apps from your cPanel cPAddons, SiteSoftware or Softaculous, you can upgrade easily to the latest version using the one-lick “Upgrade” button inside your cPanel.

Unused Web Application. Make sure your web applications that are no longer in use or for testing purposes only are disabled or deleted.
Folders and Files Permission. Make sure you don’t allow “All Writeable” and “All Executable” to all your files and folders. Only grant the required permissions to selected folders and try to avoid granting both “All Writeable” and “All Executable” to the same folder.

Terms and Conditions

  • All prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)
  • Strictly NO REFUND for SiteLock purchases.
  • Submitting your order(s) to GB Network Solutions does not mean your requested domain(s) is/are already registered until payment confirmation is received.
  • For enquiries, please contact us.
  • You do agree to our terms and condition of service available here.
  • GB Network Solutions reserves the right to amend any Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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