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We are the World’s Trusted Hosting & Domains Provider
GB Network Solutions


GB Network Solutions has been setting the standard for reliability and performance in our industry since 2007 and will be around for years to come. GB Network Solutions specialize in providing support dedicated server, vps, web hosting, colocation, domain name registration and SSL certificates. We are in business to provide the best possible internet services at competitive prices, with unbeatable legendary customer service and support. We will always keep the customer’s needs in focus and strive to enhance the customer’s experience, while building a solid business relationship.


It is through our passion and commitment to provide support Dedicated Server, Colocation, Virtual Private Server, Web Hosting, Domain Names and SSL. We are striving to the innovation of technological development with the satisfaction of our customer.


To endeavor in improving web hosting solutions together with the innovation of technology.

Afford of High Quality

By focusing on high quality and affordable services, we disregard high profit margins, a fancy website, and expensive advertising just to provide you with the most secure websites and servers at the best prices. Our primary means of marketing is word of mouth, which has spread very quickly through our continuously satisfied customers.

Friendly and Experienced Team

Every person in our team has several years of experience in server administration and supporting businesses similar to our customers. This gives us the opportunity to not only know our customers’ needs but also to understand the worries and concerns they might have. Our motto always has been: “Treat a customer’s server as if it were our own.”

Fast Growing Company

Since 2007, GB Network Solutions is the First Local Hosting Company with a steady and fast-growing business with promised upcoming bright achievements.



In partnership with Domain Registry and SSL Vendors, we also offer Domain Registration/ Renewal /Transfer services and wide range of Private SSL Certificates at a very competitive price in the market to keep your web hosting products with one provider, in one-spot!

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